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Okay I said earlier I'd put something on this page in a couple of weeks, so I'm going to keep my promise.
Specially for you: the shoutbox, have fun!

The great kbon.

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[23/09 21h29]CaseyBus: <a href=https://www.viagrapascherfr.com/>Click here!</a>
[15/11 23h52]Mineomin: kan het nog vreemder? :D
[16/06 18h03]Thierry: Mooi heel mooi
[12/05 00h03]Mineomin: gekke site ze, maar wel een zalige kleur!
[28/05 19h07]haxxor: this sux
[26/03 02h57]kbon: Chriske, in due time, in due time ;-), or at least when Ive got something to publish to the world...
[10/03 13h08]Chriske: Where is the rest of the kbonsite .......??????
[10/03 13h06]Chriske: Great kbon..? Standing next to me you look rather small..;)
[10/03 13h03]Chriske: to old to shout..!

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